Would you rather use a dollar for
can we create positive change with $1? or

“World changing ideas,
big societal problems don’t require
equally large solutions.
Small actions can have major impact.”

Chip & Dan Heath from the book Switch


On March 26th, after my presentation at the Y-Conference in San Diego, I challenged the attendees of the conference to create positive change with a $1. More and more these days, I see money being thrown at our problems with very little results or impact. So I began to wonder, do we necessarily need millions and millions of dollars to solve these problems? Can we create positive change with less money, even as little as $1. I invite you to help show that small actions can make a difference.

Take a moment to view the projects, be inspired and follow the journey. Feel free to contribute to the initiatives or create one of your own. Remember, all big ideas had small and humble beginnings.

Thank you!

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